Learning outcomes

Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge to safely administer COVID-19 vaccines

  • Describe the characteristics of the COVID-19 virus

  • Recognize the common and rare adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Describe the vaccine specific inclusion and exclusion criteria

  • Identify vaccine specific storage, handling, preparation and administration requirements

COVID-19 Vaccination Training for Health Professionals


  • Can I take the courses in any order?

    You should complete the fundamentals course prior to completing the vaccine specific courses.

  • What do I need to do to be successful in this course?

    To receive your course completion certificate you must achieve 100% on the quiz. You have unlimited attempts to do so, and can review any content areas prior to attempting the quiz again.

  • Will I be certified to administer COVID-19 vaccines after I complete the courses?

    No. These courses will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed for safe vaccine administration. You must follow your organization's training requirements.