Learning outcomes

Our goal is to make your journey through the CANMEDs framework as comfortable as possible, so we've prepared engaging materials for you.

  • Discuss the professional roles in the CanMEDs framework

  • Utilize advanced clinical educator (ACE) competencies to support medical trainee development as medical experts

  • Use the teaching and assessment tips from the CanMEDs framework to enhance your post-graduate clinical teaching

  • Locate and use CanMEDs framework to support your teaching

What will I learn in this course?

    1. Welcome to the course!

    2. How to use this course

    3. What you will learn in this course​

    4. Let's get to know each other!

    5. Before you begin...

    1. Overview of Competency-Based Education

    2. Discussion

    3. Introduction to the CanMEDs Roles

    1. Introduction to Medical Expert

    2. Common misconceptions about being a medical expert

    3. Preparing to teach the medical expert role

    4. Teaching the medical expert role

    5. Assessing the medical expert role

    6. Check your understanding

    1. Why the communicator role matters

    2. Types of communication skills

    3. Key Features of Good Communication

    4. Common misconceptions around communication skills

    5. Teaching the communicator role

    6. Assessing the communicator role

    7. Check your understanding

    1. Why the collaborator role matters

    2. Key features of good collaborators

    3. Preparing to teach the role

    4. -- Collaborator Intelligence Framework

    5. -- Relationship-centered care

    6. -- Contexts relevant to collaborator role

    7. -- Managing conflict

    8. Teaching the collaborator role

    9. Assessing the collaborator role

    10. Check your understanding

    1. Why the leader role matters

    2. Common misconceptions about leadership

    3. Preparing to teach the role

    4. Teaching the leader role

    5. Assessing the leader role

    6. Time management tips from the pros

    7. Check your understanding

Meet your Instructors

Rasha Buhumaid

Assistant Professor - Emergency Medicine Professor - Medical Education

Sulaiman Al Emran

Dean - Post Graduate Medical Education, MBRU

Nabil Zary

Senior Director - Institute for Excellence in Health Professions Education, MBRU

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Leigh Powell

Senior Learning Designer

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Digital Content Developer

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Zaid Baqain - Muhannad Abdoh - Lisa Jackson - Anas AlSalami - Meshal Sultan - Deena Wafadari - Ernestina Belt

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