Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you are interested in learning how to better understand common medical words and meanings, especially if you are: • Planning to start college or an academic program in health professions • Recently accepted into an academic program in health professions • Seeking for employment in the sector related to the health professions • Looking for opportunities where documentation of medical terminology knowledge is a requirement

Learning outcomes

  • Differentiate between root words, suffixes, prefixes, acronyms, and eponyms

  • Use common examples of roots, prefixes and suffixes to form words used in medical terminology

  • Define the meaning of some special prefixes and suffixes used in medical terminology

What will I learn?

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course!

    2. How to use this course

    3. What you will learn in this course

    4. Let's get to know each other

    5. Before you start…​

    1. Self-assessment: See how much you already know

    1. What is medical terminology?

    2. An appointment with a gastroenterologist

    3. Step 1: Let's learn some new terms

    4. Categories of medical terms

    5. Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root words

    6. Step 2: Sort the terms into categories

    7. Step 3: Deconstruct the terms

    8. Crossword puzzle

    9. Let's have a look at that case history again

    10. Getting interested? Here are a few more terms

    11. Quiz

    12. Wanna know more? 🤓

    1. Is all medical terminology made equal?

    2. Your neighbor needs help (Part 1)

    3. Let's learn some prefixes for specific use

    4. Your neighbor needs help (Part 2)

    5. Let's learn some suffixes for specific use

    6. Root words for describing parts of the human body

    7. Let's learn some root words

    8. Quiz

    9. Wanna know more? 🤓

    1. Self-assessment: See how much you learned

    1. Congratulations!

    2. Before You Go

Meet your Instructor

Ibrahim Inuwa

Professor of Anatomy and the Associate Dean for Education, MBRU

MB,BS; MMed.Sci; PhD, MMEd; FAcadMEd, FHEA. I am a medical graduate with Master of Medical Sciences and PhD degrees from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. In addition, I hold a Master of Medical Education degree from the University of Dundee in the UK. My professional medical educator experience spans over 30 years at colleges of medicine in the UK, Africa and the Middle East. I am a fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) and the Higher Education Academy (HEA) both in the United Kingdom. My research interest is in quantitative microscopy using design-based methods, in addition to all areas of medical education. I enjoy using technology as a tool to facilitate teaching and learning.

Introduction to Medical Terminology

A must-take course for anyone interested in understanding medical terms

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